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In the 2018/2019 school year, we founded the TUEQ Scholarship fund. Thanks to all of our friends, family, and TUEQ supporters, we were able to surpass our goal of $5,000 in order to kick-start the scholarship. With the help of the Tufts Development Office, we were able to use crowdfunding technology and our new alumni networks to reach out to all of our followers. 


The scholarship itself will be given out to students each year, based on financial need, and will support the students through their entire time on the equestrian team. 


We were able to make this dream become a reality. As a team, we have struggled with recruiting new members due to the substantial price-tag of joining the team. It has always been heart-breaking to see students decide not to ride horses in college because they cannot afford it. This scholarship opens new doors to these students and expands the equestrian team. 


We are so excited for the beginning of this program that will be continued for years to come! 


  1. Go to

  2. Select one-time or recurring gift

  3. Select School of Arts and Sciences

  4. Select area Other 

  5. List Tufts Equestrian - Dept. ID: A905120 as Other 

  6. Enter dollar amount

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